A note from Cherie:

"I have looked around this world for the past year and a half and wondered where my America has gone. My four children are not inheriting the nation that I grew up in and deeply love.  

I am concerned and frustrated about the lack of caring, lack of respect for others and their opinions and at times lack of forthrightness that I see around me all too often - in every sector.

I have been building a family for 25 years, but apparently it’s time to help rebuild a country.  I can’t fix this from my kitchen, so I’m on the campaign trail now and would truly appreciate your support. 

My goal is to speak truth, be fearless and help bring my America back to its roots — to the foundation our forefathers gave us.   Now is the time for all of us to stand up.  Join me.  We the People.  Truth Wins."

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– Cherie

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